Architects in Melksham

Architects in Melksham

Bolingbroke Design was established in 1981 with Alvin and Judith Howard as its partners.
Alvin Howard Dip.Arch.RIBA is the Chartered Architect Partner and, after education in Essex, Australia and London, he finally qualified at Bath University in 1974. His career started with the rehabilitation and alteration of listed buildings in London and Bath, moving on to one off houses, factories, shops and offices.

Bolingbroke Design was established in 1981.

Judith Howard Dip.Hum. has a Fine Arts Degree from London University and worked for ten years at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in the textile and ceramics departments. She has published books and articles under the name of Judith Bolingbroke and has won a London based award for the refurbishment of an Adam style interior in Harley Street. Her specialisation is as a consultant on historical accuracy for building exteriors, interiors, furnishings and objects and as an interior designer, has recently completed a contemporary interior for a large Indian/fusion restaurant.

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